Saturday, December 5, 2009

The End of One Challenge: The Beginning of the Next

And so ends my self-imposed 6 week challenge on the stepper. How was it? Well I gained 4 pounds which kind of ticks me off since I was wanting to LOSE weight and I can tell myself "muscle weighs more than fat" but it doesn't cut it. I have noticed a diff in upper body strength especially. On that note, I gotta say, I didn't work out ONCE this week. I was too swamped but I'm still calling it SIX weeks! :P

The next challenge will be a 4 weeker of Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009. It's Wii Board compatible but not mandatory but you do need either 2 remotes or one remote with a nunchuck regardless if you have the board.

There are 4 types of 'training':

Weight Loss
Strength Training
Hill Climb

You also have a choice of Light, Medium, or Hard and can set the duration for 5-60 minutes. I did the weight loss at light and set the duration for 30 minutes so I can't comment on the other types.

You begin with a run and after every game you run again. Every time you finish a run you can either pick a preselected game (push the right arrow on the remote) or a 'surprise' game (push the left arrow).

The games are fun and indicative of what you would find in boot camp like monkey bars, kayaking, log jumping and the book mentions other games like paint grenade toss, cannon attack, handcar pump, tire trail, rowing, boxing, punching bag dodge etc... During each game it also displays how much longer you have. One game I couldn't get the hang of was the jumping through tires. The log balancing seemed kind of pointless since even if you didn't move, there was no way you could fall off the log. The rest were easy to figure out without reading the instructions.

It does provide a graph similar to Wii Fit and tracks the calories burnt but not BMI. It also doesn't have the 'attitude' that Fit has and your avatar looks human and isn't based on your weight.

The music is pretty decent and I'm just reading now that you can go in to the Music Player by holding the B button during a game to bring up the player and select what genre you want to listen to (I'll have to do that next time). Most of the music was random, some of them I knew... One of them sounded like hillbilly music!

By the end I was sweating like a pig which has to be good, right? The running gets boring after doing it for an accumulative 19:05 minutes. My cat thought kayaking was interesting and now I'm done a workout for the day. As a side-note, there's a multiplayer function too which you can't use the board for. It appears you have all the same functionality for choosing the workout type, difficulty, and duration. Looks like that'll be fun to try too!


For the first time trying this, I had a bit of a problem getting my avatar to run. The trick is to hold the remote loosely in your hand near the bottom of the remote. This will basically exagerate your movement if the receiver doesn't pick up your movements that well.

Not so good:

It doesn't display your ongoing time. I chose a 30 minute workout and I had no clue how much longer I had to go. In an effort to find out, I paused the first game and selected Back to Camp. I had lost all my progress and had to start a new game (I did another 30 minute workout so yes, I completed the whole thing). :(


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finished Week 2 of my Self-Imposed 6 Week Challenge

- Two weeks ago, I finished the first week of my challenge at 900 steps. (5 of 7 days)
- Last week I finished at 1700 steps. (4 of 7 days)
- Week 3 will be 2500 steps. Day 1, already done. :)

Sunday's seem to be the day where I can gauge what the next week's challenge will be. Today I've already done the 2500 and although 'challenging' it's definitely doable.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Apps

I'm putting this here for my own tracking...

Standalone Liferay Portlet Apps:

Domain Configuration: Those matching an IP are automatically logged-in.
Front and back ends + Partial Hook
Preferences and View

Dormant Accounts: Lists accounts that have been inactive for 1-3-6-12 months.
Front and back ends

Modified Users: Reports changes that users have made.
Front and back ends
Originally implemented as a service which was later changed to an Oracle trigger based on 3 tables.

User Communication: Allows Admin to mail selectable Groups or individuals.
Front and back ends
Preferences and view

Download Stats: Provides links to the 3 top downloaded documents + hits.
Front and back ends

Document Library: Displays Document Library files as a selectable tree view. Excludes swf files. Displays non HTML and text files in div and all others in 3rd party viewer (Adeptol). Integrated 'Favourites' functionality (Add and Delete).
Front and back ends

My Favourites: Display 4 documents selected as the 'Favourites'. Has full portlet functionality (minimize, maximize, move, and resize). Also includes management (add and delete) and 'sky scraper' view (view in full screen).
Front and back ends

Search by Date Range: Allows user to search Document Library by keywords and/or date range. Front and back ends

Contact Us/Feedback: If the user is logged-in, name and email address are automatically populated.
Front and back ends

Report Error: Clicking on a link prepopulates form with the error page. It also allows the user to enter comments. Clicking Send automatically sends the form data to the Admin.
Front and back ends
Preferences and view

Import Users: Imports user information from a CSV and from an external database.
Front and back ends

Verify Import: Reports errors or omissions of user information from the Import Users portlet.

Admin Reports: Schedules reports and generates them.
Front and back ends
Preferences and view

GeoRSS: Consumer and Producer using Rome (supports standard protocols)

Various Google portlets.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ab Rocket - Ha!

I'm sitting here on a Sunday morning and there's an infomercial on for the Ab Rocket. I really hope people don't buy in to this. You can see from the before and after pictures that they're faked. If someone loses weight on their stomach but their ass remains just as big then hello!?! The image was doctored! In addition, you can tell that they're 'letting out' their stomach for the before and 'sucking in' for the after.

*shaking head*


Thursday, September 17, 2009


I cannot count how many times I've saved this snippet's bookmark in 3 different browsers, yet when I need it, it's NOT BEEN SAVED! ARGH! So I'm solving the damn problem once and for all!

Say you have a location of:

This corresponds to:



alert(location.href); // displays ''

alert(location.protocol); // displays 'http:'
alert(location.hostname); // displays ''
alert(; // displays ''
alert(location.port); // displays '8080'
alert(location.pathname); // displays '/some/where/deep/inside/filename.htm'
alert(; // displays '?name=martin'
alert(location.hash); // displays 'anchorname'

To get just the directory path, use:

alert(location.pathname.substring(0,location.pathname.lastIndexOf('/'))); // displays '/some/where/deep/inside'


Monday, September 7, 2009

Psychic Fair - Nepean Sportsplex

Elaine and I went to the psychic fair at the Sportsplex. (We usually go to 2 a year with the earlier one being in May at Lansdowne as a 'just for fun' type of thing.) I saw two this time (a first). The first was Rene Boucher. I had seen him before a few years ago at a tiny fair they had in a hotel in Kanata. He surprised me at that time because he told me I had almost died 3 times which was correct. So here's the first reading with my comments in green.


1st card represents me: Mother, Sister Theresa. In sync with people.
2nd card: Knowledge, resilience, longetivity.

At that point he asked me if there was anything specific I wanted to ask so I asked him to checkin with the other side.

He said: I see a lot of green. You want to do a lot of new activities like badminton or tennis. It will invigorate you to burn off negative energy. You feel like you're runing out of time.
Right on both points. I'd like to engage in an extracurricular activity to get rid of the day's hectic pace. The running out of time, I constantly have deadlines at work.

Connecting with a vision of old homes. You used to walk along a country road a lot. As you walk you see old homes.
Not a clue

There's going to be an ongoing course and ongoing work. You're a person who loves to talk. You're always ahead of them. You're a visionary. People talk to you and you can see it transform in your head.

You can change attitudes of people with frustration/fixation.

Who's "B"?
Bill was my guess.

You're working with healing and you want to work more with it.
I hear this all the time and I don't know why!

"Walk far man" is my spiritual guide (Indian).

When you talk you relate to people like you remember.

Go to South West California as a vacation but it is also a place that will allow you to see the structure/build/plan your life for the future.

You have been contemplating moving. The home will be a different layout and will be very beneficial.
I've been seriously considering moving back to Nepean next year.

You used to work in the mining sector. I see a hose in the ground. Or you used to live in a mining town.
Not a clue.

Who's "T"? He has difficulty in upper chest. He's very jovial.
There was no one beginning with T. The only person I knew was Steve.

Who's "Mike"?
I told him at that point that he must be talking about Steve, not a "T" name. He asked the relationship which Mike was Steve's best friend.

I see a nice lagoon with ships.

You have a doll that is snow white or something that's very close to you.
I laughed and said My cat!
She sees him.

You see things that manifest around you.
He talked about 'poltergeist' but he said Steve had made the transition.
He's giving proof. What's required is a telepathic wavelength and great intention.

You know Bob or Robert? Steve visits him. Robert is doing construction work.
Robert is Steve's step son, for some reason I keep saying son-in-law!

Who's Joe or John?
I thought Joe who's on the other side but coming to think of it, I bet Steve might have been saying John

I'll be taking a course for the betterment of people.

Back to cards

Controlling, managing goals. You're going to have to sign some important docs between now and December. Could be promotion or moving to another job. You'll be greatful. You could also be working not just in the government but what I'm seeing are ships, country that has fuel, containers, big ships. You might end up with someone with a military hat and put on your head.
I thought this was funny. Now last week I signed papers for high-level security clearance. Ships have been brought up many times and not only by Rene (more later). I never said that I work with the government so it was odd he specifically said that. I'm not quite sure what to make of the last sentence.

You'll be taking a trip. I'm thinking the Mediteranean area. It will be high class.

Within 6 months you'll get a promotion which brings more money and you should play the lottery.

Spear of Fate: You're going to meet someone in a public place. Very Special.

Ace of Love and Card of Marriage: You'll travel for personal resons with this person. You will marry this person.

Other money's coming in perhaps by inheritance or lottery.

7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months
Interesting, I've been seeing 3 7's a lot lately.

Here's the cool thing, when he was done he said here's the proof. I had noticed he had a few cards tucked away on the side and he pulled them out. A lot of them corresponded with MY cards. What he had done was pulled 12 cards from another deck before our reading (unknowing to me).

While Elaine was waiting to have her reading done with Rene, I went to see the woman Elaine had seen first. Unfortunately she didn't tape anything so I have to go by memory.


She pegged me pretty well. Ex. analytical etc...

She said "You have government written all over you." I don't work for the government but I'm tied to it and the military.

She saw ships.

She sees me working for an organization like the CIA doing investigations.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Little Roomba

So I got an auto-vaccuum on Friday night and I just tested it out. It's not too bad. I would say that it picks up the same as a stick vac. It's not my kick-ass Bissell Pro but it'll do.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wii Progress July 20-25

July Monday 20 - Saturday 25

I have to laugh, I actually gained a pound, stayed with that pound all week then dropped the pound this morning. I'm at the exact same spot I was at on Sunday. I increased my Wii time to 30 minutes a day which consisted of 95-100% aerobics. On Wednesday however, I only worked out 10-15 minutes because I was stiff as a board and my joints weren't happy. Last night I didn't work out as I was exhausted.

My diet changed this week. I had my muffin in the morning then ate supper. It's been incredibly stressful this week at work so for the most part, lunches went out the window. I had significant water retention and attributed it to Subway increasing the sodium in their bread and I believe I was right. Seems kind of odd that I didn't have Subway for a week and I went to normal. Then on Wednesday when I did, I puffed up again and my joints got bad. Thursday night I had a burger at A&W then again last night at the BR (yes, intentionally).

I took the stairs a bit less and scaled down to 3 times a day instead of 6. I managed to get in a good 15 minute walk on Wed after work and I haven't touched the stepper this week (intentionally). Of course, I still take that extra walk in the morning to work.

Game plan for this week is to stay at 30 minutes on the Wii daily but to use the stepper and exercise cords for a weekly total of 20 minutes. Ummm.. Oh ya, and not skip lunch!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wii Fit Progress July 5-19

I lost 5 lbs... Yippee!
Time: 3hrs 23 minutes

Well I'm pretty happy! Unfortunately I only set a long-term goal so I still don't know what it will do when I meet my goal but I've adjusted it for 4lbs for the next 2 weeks. On average I worked out 20 minutes, 6 days per week. The first week I did mostly the running and yoga with a bit of balance (which I don't really care for). The second week, I discovered the Advanced Step and Free Step which have become my favourites. I will be trying the boxing tonight and I'll be upping the time to 25-30 minute work-outs. My Fit age is now 30 which is pretty good considering I started at 71! LOL

As for diet, I did change it. Before from M-W it was coffee for breakfast and another for lunch followed by a regular supper (avg 400 cals) and for a snack, a bowl of Special K. Thursday, I have supper out with my family. Friday, supper out with my sister. Sat and/or Sun usually have supper or breakfast out. I now have an apple/cran muffin for breakfast and I make sure to eat lunch. My metabolism has sped up and my stomach empties pretty quickly. On Wednesday, I got some Protein Enriched Boost for those times I want it to shutup.

As for pre-wii-fit condition, I was already drinking a lot of water so the weight loss was not due to water retention. Even though I have a sedentary job I always make sure to go up 3 flights of stairs at work a day. I always go down the stairs (no patience for elevators) and I get off one stop before the stop I have to when going to work and twice a week I like to take a bus route home that requires me to walk an additional 15 minutes.

After the loss? Well I don't notice any difference except I can go up the 5 flights to get to my apartment and not feel like I'm going to die!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wow! What a Week!

It's been so busy! I started working on a new project 'technically' last week but this is the first week I've been able to get into the dev part of it after having to take care of server issues and setup with my partner. It's been challenging balancing the administrative side, technical issues and doing custom portal development. We have a limited team of myself, two other developers, the web master, and one floater. I have the portal under control but Alfresco integration is the one I'm worried about.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Escaping Montreal... Barely

We tried to leave Montreal (Sunday July 12, 2009) however, a nut had other plans and ran a red light as we were heading down Decarie to leave town.


This was my sister's car.


The door's structure was compromised so I had a blanket of glass on me.


This was the a$$hole's Volvo that plowed in to us.


May this ba$tard never drive again.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Montreal...

Got in to Montreal at about 8:30 last night. Not too impressed with this Holiday Inn but it's ok. We're in a one bedroom suite complete with kitchen. Although the directory said breakfast was until 11 on Saturday's it's actually until 10 which explains the bitchiness of staff members in the 'buffet' area.

We have the 'garden view' which actually means we're facing a court yard. Not much of a garden but the room across from us has a manequin and another room has strange flags in his window.

The Jazz Festival's last day is tomorrow and the fireworks are on tonight. Doubt we'll get to either but we're hoping the weather holds out so we can go to old Montreal later on. We'll probably be going to the Oratory tomorrow since the weather is supposed to be decent.

A plus tard!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mini Twist Stepper

3:41PM: I bought the Mini Twist Stepper from Zellers last night. I just put it together. The packaging looks like it was done in a barn (it looks like there's manure on the bags). Most of it was already put together and the step was scuffed so I paid full price for something that was obviously previously used. (Not impressed!) I'll post further comments when I use it.

4:37PM: I tried it for a minute. It's actually not bad. I thought I was going to be nervous on it and that I would have to get 'used to it' (eg. coordination) but it was very easy. The computer isn't tracking the reps etc... right now though but if I get it working I'll start logging it. The bungee cords for the arms really add to the workout so I'm glad I paid a bit extra for them.


My Day (Yesterday)

This is June's Day

PS I hate Alfresco


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Activity Meters

So I've decided that I'm going to log a bit of the activities I usually do or want to do. So here it is...

Numbers on the left are minutes

Final Tally (July 1-15):
Walking: 90 Mins, Swimming: 40 Mins, Yoga: 10 Mins, WII: 148 Mins, Stepper: 25 Mins

Numbers on the left are amount of stairs

Final Tally (July 1-15):
Steps: 980

Note: The amounts listed above are only those that I've went out of my way to do. Eg. For walking I don't count the additional time I spend walking in to work and for the stairs, that number is for walking up only (I always take the stairs to come down) and is only for the stairs inside the building (I don't count the stairs to get to the main doors etc...)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Activity Meters

So I've decided that I'm going to log a bit of the activities I usually do or want to do. So here it is...

Numbers on the left are minutes

Numbers on the left are amount of stairs


Sunday, June 21, 2009

You never forget how to...

...ride a bike is what they say. Amazingly, it's true! I bought a power-assisted hybrid cruiser yesterday. Walked it home because the seat was too high (had to lug it up a huge-ass hill!) Took it out last night (without the battery which is an extra 8 to 10 lbs.) and hey, I didn't fall off! The seat is as low as I can get it. It has suspension so it compresses when you get on it but I feel like I'm trying to climb a horse!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

2009 Cappies - A Special Nominee

The big day for the Cappies is tommorrow night and I'm sure there's one little girl who's got her fingers, toes, and eyes crossed right now. Tess McManus is up for Featured Actress in a Musical for her work in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Her time and dedication to multiple productions have earned her the recognition she deserves. We're rootin' for ya Tess!

Tess McManus in Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009)
Pictures courtesy of Ottawa Citizen.

Tess McManus in Pride and Prejudice (2008)

Pictures courtesy of Ottawa Citizen.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teddy's Missing

TeddyTeddy, my sister's cat, went missing on Friday, May 29. Since then we've went in search of around the neighbourhood, posted Missing posters, and scoured the net. There's been many cases of cats leaving for a couple of weeks and coming back however, in light of losing Markie last August, it's unnerving.

As seen on

Wanted: Lost: cat in Hull sector (Manoir des trembles area) - Reward $100

Address: Gatineau, QC, J9A 2J8
Date Listed: 01-Jun-09
Lost - 8 month old solid grey and white domestic short haired cat. He's not yet neutered, is generally afraid of strangers and cars, but might get along well with other cats or dogs since he was raised with both. Responds to the name Teddy. Most of the pads on his toes are pink but there is a little bit of grey on some of them and he has a small patch of white hairs in between his shoulder blades. He has a sleek build and isn't very big. Lost in the Hull sector of Gatineau May 29th on des Jonquilles near St. Raymond (Manoir des Trembles area). If you find him or if you've even seen him, please contact me as soon as possible so I can try to find him where he was last seen. It will also relieve my stress some to know that he's alive and well. Hoping for the best...$100 reward for his return.

Keeping toes, fingers, and paws crossed...

How to Localize a Browse Button

Yes, I have seen more complaints about this than you can image but the good news is not only can you 'localize' it but make it pretty. Wanna see what I'm talking about?

In case you're not familiar with the problem, a form input type of "file" connects to the client's operating system via an Application Programming Interface (API). That familiar window that allows us to select our file is displayed depending on your operating system (*nix, Windows, Mac). Because of this, it was deemed as a security risk to allow a developer to interfere in any way with this functionality.

What browser will this work on?

First and foremost, this will work in IE 6 and 7, FF 2 and 3, and Safari on MAC.

What you need

1) 2 Images: One to display English one to display French. (Or whatever languages you choose.)

Admittedly, these aren't pretty but they'll do. The file name you give your images plays a roll (well at least for this example). The English one I've called browseen_US and browsefr_FR. Why? Because when we swap (by pressing the French or English link) the buttons will swap based on locale. In addition, the image dimensions should stay the same. In this case they're not quite the same so you can see the difference.

2) The Code (Read the comments throughout)

<script type="text/javascript">
//Set your default language
var myLang="fr_FR";

//The 'switchTo...' functions will be triggered when we select the
//English or French link.
//The call to initFileUploads updates the UI.
function switchToEnglish() {

function switchToFrench() {

//This function will update the UI. Note this is where the magic happens.
//We will be using a regular file input type but we use a combination
//of CSS and JavaScript to overlay the English and French buttons.
function initFileUploads() {

var fakeFileUpload = document.createElement('div');

fakeFileUpload.className = 'fakefile';
var image = document.createElement('img');


var x = document.getElementsByTagName('input');

for (var i=0;i<x.length;i++) {
if (x[i].type != 'file') continue;
if (x[i].parentNode.className != 'fileinputs') continue;
x[i].className = 'file hidden';
var clone = fakeFileUpload.cloneNode(true);
x[i].relatedElement = clone.getElementsByTagName('input')[0];
x[i].onchange = x[i].onmouseout = function () {
this.relatedElement.value = this.value;

//This function is called just as a test to see what will be submitted.
//The output will be different depending on the browser you're using.
function viewSubmit() {
for(i=0; i<document.browseTest.elements.length; i++) {
if(document.browseTest.elements[i].name == "") {
document.write("This is the dynamically generated input. ---- ");
document.write("The field name is: " + document.browseTest.elements[i].name + " and it’s value is: " + document.browseTest.elements[i].value + ".<br />");

<!--These styles are needed for the magic to work. You may have to adapt these depending on what browser you need this to work in. -- >
<style type="text/css">
div.fileinputs {
position: relative;
/*ie7 and ff2 are colliding*/
width: auto;

div.fileinputs .file {
/*For ie7 only*/
width: 235px;

div.fakefile {
position: absolute;
top: 0px;
left: 0px;
z-index: 1;

input.file {
position: relative;
text-align: right;
-moz-opacity:0 ;
filter:alpha(opacity: 0);
opacity: 0;
/*Required for ff2 ONLY*/
width: 145px;
z-index: 2;

#uploadImgId {
position: absolute;
/*ie 7 needs this*/
width: 90px;


<!--The initFileUploads is called to update the UI upon entering the page. -->
<body onload="initFileUploads();">

<fieldset><legend>Browse Button Localization</legend>
Select Language: <a href="#" onclick="switchToEnglish()">English</a>
<a href="javascript:switchToFrench()">French</a><p>

<form name="browseTest" class="example">
<div class="fileinputs">
<input type="file" class="file" name="originalFileInput"/>

<br />
<input type="button" name="submit" value="View the Submission Value" onclick="viewSubmit()">


Feel free to swipe!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cleaning Products

My Cleaning VoteLast night I bought a Bionaire steam mop which can also be used for carpets. It did an OK job on the vinyl flooring (same results as using my swiffer with a wet cloth) with the exception of a red mark (crayon?) that I had on the floor. It picked it up where the swiffer would not get rid of it. I also tried it on an area rug. It did nothing for it.

I have so many cleaning 'tools' but really the best are the swiffer products. My arsenal includes traditional swiffer wet/dry, swiffer vac for non-carpets, swiffer carpet flick (comes in handy for picking up cat kibble) and swiffer duster. I have a kick-ass Bissel vacuum but it's heavy (not to mention, loud)!

All in all, unless you're looking for a cleaner that won't use chemicals, the steam mop may be a good option for you. If you're looking to clean your carpets, don't go with this.

Cool Online Web Tools

The nice thing about the majority of these free tools is that no account creation is required.

Button Factory -
Create buttons online. It's free and has nice 2.0 buttons!

Drawter -
Whoever made this deserves an award. Quite intuitive free tool that allows you to draw your website and generates the code for it.

WhosAmungUs -
Web site tracking widget including displaying visitor info on a map.

Sosius -'t tried this personally (yet) but it looks cool. It's an online workspace. -
Cool mind mapping online.

Buttonator -
Modern styles for making buttons.

Charts -
Great for making quick charts.

Online Code Converter -
Convert character codes.

MorgueFile -
Stock photos even for commercial use (read the 'license').

Wufoo -
Create online forms for every occassion you can imagine. Versatile and good for inspiration.

280 Slides -
It's basically Powerpoint online. Free and easy.

Color Scheme Designer 3 -
Design colour schemes online. (Nice interface)

COLOURlovers -
This is an interesting site that not only provides colour schemes but also schemes based on patterns.

Pattern Tap -
Awesome place for inspiration. You can view the different looks of 404 Pages, Audio, Breadcrumbs, Borders, Comments, Contact etc...

Kuler -
Colour schemes you can contribute and create.

IzzyMenu (Builder) -
Comprehensive online menu builder that doesn't require an account.

Wirenode -
This is an "ok" site. It provides a fast way, visual way of creating a site for mobile devices.

doTemplate -
This is the ultimate for lazy visual people. Customize the templates they have online and the templates are actually good!

Web Graphics Maker -
Make backgrounds, lines, and bullets online. Includes transparency on png's.

Bradicon! -
Turn images in to icons.

Text to PNG -
Interesting concept. Converts plain text into a png. You can either use hosted (free) or grab the source for yourself (requires php).

Iconspedia -
Ok, not a tool but wicked Web 2.0 style icons/buttons/images.

Fresh Badge -
An ok site that generates badges.

Loading GIF Generator -
Good idea! Create animations to use as a 'loading' message.

Dynamic Drive Button Maker Online -
Creates small buttons (eg, rss, xhtml etc...)

Timelines -
Create cut and paste timelines from any feed.

Wordle -
Create tag clouds.

Iaza -
Vast assortment of image manipulation capabilities online.

LogoMaker -
Cool creative customizable icons. Create the logo and link to it for free or download it for a price.

FotoFlexer -
Basic image manipulation online.

Maya -
Online image manipulation. You can also download this and place it on your own site for free. (PHP)

Pixenate -
Another free online image manipulation site.

Online Button Maker -
Pretty good button generator.

Big Huge Labs -
Show off your pics from Flickr or Facebook. Create calendars, motivation posters, badges and more.

Cool Text -
Cool Text

Logo Generator -
Excellent online logo generator and it's free!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Geeky Stuff

In case you're wondering what I do, I'm a Lead Content Developer for a company on the East Coast. The company's focus is on the gathering, managing, and presentation of geospatial data. My focus however, is on all things 'portal' (Liferay Portal to be exact). This includes troubleshooting, maintaining, recommending/evaluating, and developing applications that sit inside the portal called portlets. I also create training materials and if required, deliver it (yes, as in standing up in front of a bunch of people for a couple of days and walking them through various tasks).

I've decided that aside from personal notes on this blog, I will be sharing geeky tidbits. Not sure if anyone will bother reading it but at least it gives me something to do...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Psychic Fair

I was at the psychic fair today and saw Lyn Boucher who I had seen before. Here are some of the details she gave me... Whether it's true or not, obviously remains to be seen...


-Going to meet a guy that's a friend of a friend. He'll be of Latino descent and his name will begin with an R like "Roberto".

-In 2 years time we'll be engaged or moving in together.

-When she read my palm, she said I'll have 2 kids. When she later did tarot she said, he'll already have 2 boys. I will be a 'full-time' mom though. It won't be a shared custody kind of thing.

-I will meet him in "big J" which to her means June or July.

-My career is going well and it's a big part of my life. I will be given more responsibility which requires me to delegate more.

-I will be financially secure.

-I will live to be 85 (according to my palm).

-I will be taking a trip this summer that involves a large suitcase and air travel. It will be personal, not work related.

Sept 2009 Update: Although I don't know what age I'll live to, all the other items were wrong, wrong and really wrong!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Near Death Account... Behold! It Lives!

Just for kicks, I thought I would see if a web site I owned 14 years ago still had my account on the server. (It was one of those free web sites.) Lo and behold, I logged in successfully! If after all this time, this organization had my information, just imagine how many others do that I've signed up for over the years.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wow, First Post

... Is this a monumental moment or what?

Found a great web site, Unfortunately, my Omnia isn't playing nice with it but the concept is cool. It allows you to stream your pocket pc. It also hooks in to Facebook which is great for lazy people like me that would rather hit one button to create an account rather than enter all of my info.

Finally got my dishes done buuuut I accidentally put a few holes in my sink with Liquid Drano which the superintendant sealed with Epoxy. Note to all, it really CAN put a hole in your pipes (and sink)!

Last but not least, I HATE having a cold.