Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cool Online Web Tools

The nice thing about the majority of these free tools is that no account creation is required.

Button Factory -
Create buttons online. It's free and has nice 2.0 buttons!

Drawter -
Whoever made this deserves an award. Quite intuitive free tool that allows you to draw your website and generates the code for it.

WhosAmungUs -
Web site tracking widget including displaying visitor info on a map.

Sosius -'t tried this personally (yet) but it looks cool. It's an online workspace. -
Cool mind mapping online.

Buttonator -
Modern styles for making buttons.

Charts -
Great for making quick charts.

Online Code Converter -
Convert character codes.

MorgueFile -
Stock photos even for commercial use (read the 'license').

Wufoo -
Create online forms for every occassion you can imagine. Versatile and good for inspiration.

280 Slides -
It's basically Powerpoint online. Free and easy.

Color Scheme Designer 3 -
Design colour schemes online. (Nice interface)

COLOURlovers -
This is an interesting site that not only provides colour schemes but also schemes based on patterns.

Pattern Tap -
Awesome place for inspiration. You can view the different looks of 404 Pages, Audio, Breadcrumbs, Borders, Comments, Contact etc...

Kuler -
Colour schemes you can contribute and create.

IzzyMenu (Builder) -
Comprehensive online menu builder that doesn't require an account.

Wirenode -
This is an "ok" site. It provides a fast way, visual way of creating a site for mobile devices.

doTemplate -
This is the ultimate for lazy visual people. Customize the templates they have online and the templates are actually good!

Web Graphics Maker -
Make backgrounds, lines, and bullets online. Includes transparency on png's.

Bradicon! -
Turn images in to icons.

Text to PNG -
Interesting concept. Converts plain text into a png. You can either use hosted (free) or grab the source for yourself (requires php).

Iconspedia -
Ok, not a tool but wicked Web 2.0 style icons/buttons/images.

Fresh Badge -
An ok site that generates badges.

Loading GIF Generator -
Good idea! Create animations to use as a 'loading' message.

Dynamic Drive Button Maker Online -
Creates small buttons (eg, rss, xhtml etc...)

Timelines -
Create cut and paste timelines from any feed.

Wordle -
Create tag clouds.

Iaza -
Vast assortment of image manipulation capabilities online.

LogoMaker -
Cool creative customizable icons. Create the logo and link to it for free or download it for a price.

FotoFlexer -
Basic image manipulation online.

Maya -
Online image manipulation. You can also download this and place it on your own site for free. (PHP)

Pixenate -
Another free online image manipulation site.

Online Button Maker -
Pretty good button generator.

Big Huge Labs -
Show off your pics from Flickr or Facebook. Create calendars, motivation posters, badges and more.

Cool Text -
Cool Text

Logo Generator -
Excellent online logo generator and it's free!

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