Sunday, May 10, 2009

Psychic Fair

I was at the psychic fair today and saw Lyn Boucher who I had seen before. Here are some of the details she gave me... Whether it's true or not, obviously remains to be seen...


-Going to meet a guy that's a friend of a friend. He'll be of Latino descent and his name will begin with an R like "Roberto".

-In 2 years time we'll be engaged or moving in together.

-When she read my palm, she said I'll have 2 kids. When she later did tarot she said, he'll already have 2 boys. I will be a 'full-time' mom though. It won't be a shared custody kind of thing.

-I will meet him in "big J" which to her means June or July.

-My career is going well and it's a big part of my life. I will be given more responsibility which requires me to delegate more.

-I will be financially secure.

-I will live to be 85 (according to my palm).

-I will be taking a trip this summer that involves a large suitcase and air travel. It will be personal, not work related.

Sept 2009 Update: Although I don't know what age I'll live to, all the other items were wrong, wrong and really wrong!


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