Thursday, September 17, 2009


I cannot count how many times I've saved this snippet's bookmark in 3 different browsers, yet when I need it, it's NOT BEEN SAVED! ARGH! So I'm solving the damn problem once and for all!

Say you have a location of:

This corresponds to:



alert(location.href); // displays ''

alert(location.protocol); // displays 'http:'
alert(location.hostname); // displays ''
alert(; // displays ''
alert(location.port); // displays '8080'
alert(location.pathname); // displays '/some/where/deep/inside/filename.htm'
alert(; // displays '?name=martin'
alert(location.hash); // displays 'anchorname'

To get just the directory path, use:

alert(location.pathname.substring(0,location.pathname.lastIndexOf('/'))); // displays '/some/where/deep/inside'


Monday, September 7, 2009

Psychic Fair - Nepean Sportsplex

Elaine and I went to the psychic fair at the Sportsplex. (We usually go to 2 a year with the earlier one being in May at Lansdowne as a 'just for fun' type of thing.) I saw two this time (a first). The first was Rene Boucher. I had seen him before a few years ago at a tiny fair they had in a hotel in Kanata. He surprised me at that time because he told me I had almost died 3 times which was correct. So here's the first reading with my comments in green.


1st card represents me: Mother, Sister Theresa. In sync with people.
2nd card: Knowledge, resilience, longetivity.

At that point he asked me if there was anything specific I wanted to ask so I asked him to checkin with the other side.

He said: I see a lot of green. You want to do a lot of new activities like badminton or tennis. It will invigorate you to burn off negative energy. You feel like you're runing out of time.
Right on both points. I'd like to engage in an extracurricular activity to get rid of the day's hectic pace. The running out of time, I constantly have deadlines at work.

Connecting with a vision of old homes. You used to walk along a country road a lot. As you walk you see old homes.
Not a clue

There's going to be an ongoing course and ongoing work. You're a person who loves to talk. You're always ahead of them. You're a visionary. People talk to you and you can see it transform in your head.

You can change attitudes of people with frustration/fixation.

Who's "B"?
Bill was my guess.

You're working with healing and you want to work more with it.
I hear this all the time and I don't know why!

"Walk far man" is my spiritual guide (Indian).

When you talk you relate to people like you remember.

Go to South West California as a vacation but it is also a place that will allow you to see the structure/build/plan your life for the future.

You have been contemplating moving. The home will be a different layout and will be very beneficial.
I've been seriously considering moving back to Nepean next year.

You used to work in the mining sector. I see a hose in the ground. Or you used to live in a mining town.
Not a clue.

Who's "T"? He has difficulty in upper chest. He's very jovial.
There was no one beginning with T. The only person I knew was Steve.

Who's "Mike"?
I told him at that point that he must be talking about Steve, not a "T" name. He asked the relationship which Mike was Steve's best friend.

I see a nice lagoon with ships.

You have a doll that is snow white or something that's very close to you.
I laughed and said My cat!
She sees him.

You see things that manifest around you.
He talked about 'poltergeist' but he said Steve had made the transition.
He's giving proof. What's required is a telepathic wavelength and great intention.

You know Bob or Robert? Steve visits him. Robert is doing construction work.
Robert is Steve's step son, for some reason I keep saying son-in-law!

Who's Joe or John?
I thought Joe who's on the other side but coming to think of it, I bet Steve might have been saying John

I'll be taking a course for the betterment of people.

Back to cards

Controlling, managing goals. You're going to have to sign some important docs between now and December. Could be promotion or moving to another job. You'll be greatful. You could also be working not just in the government but what I'm seeing are ships, country that has fuel, containers, big ships. You might end up with someone with a military hat and put on your head.
I thought this was funny. Now last week I signed papers for high-level security clearance. Ships have been brought up many times and not only by Rene (more later). I never said that I work with the government so it was odd he specifically said that. I'm not quite sure what to make of the last sentence.

You'll be taking a trip. I'm thinking the Mediteranean area. It will be high class.

Within 6 months you'll get a promotion which brings more money and you should play the lottery.

Spear of Fate: You're going to meet someone in a public place. Very Special.

Ace of Love and Card of Marriage: You'll travel for personal resons with this person. You will marry this person.

Other money's coming in perhaps by inheritance or lottery.

7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months
Interesting, I've been seeing 3 7's a lot lately.

Here's the cool thing, when he was done he said here's the proof. I had noticed he had a few cards tucked away on the side and he pulled them out. A lot of them corresponded with MY cards. What he had done was pulled 12 cards from another deck before our reading (unknowing to me).

While Elaine was waiting to have her reading done with Rene, I went to see the woman Elaine had seen first. Unfortunately she didn't tape anything so I have to go by memory.


She pegged me pretty well. Ex. analytical etc...

She said "You have government written all over you." I don't work for the government but I'm tied to it and the military.

She saw ships.

She sees me working for an organization like the CIA doing investigations.