Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time flies...

I was just looking at my blog and I can't believe it had been so long (and infrequent) that I've posted!

I guess moving, working and oh ya, getting a life has kept me busy. I also undertook a quest to lose weight Jan 4, 2011 so fitness has been a big thing for me too.

I thought I'd share some links to that end:

My Fitness Pal (Also available for iPhone: Track calories, exercise and weight

Friend Fit: Excellent fitness tracker

iPhone Apps
MY Weight
Track Weight



Started the 30 Day Shred last night. I've seen some great results with it and some that were so-so. It's definitely a challenge to get through it!

30 Day Shred - Jillian Michaels

Feel free to leave comments regarding your experiences with it.