Saturday, July 7, 2012

Le Versailles 680 St. Joseph Boulevard, Gatineau Quebec

I wrote this a while ago but left it in Draft mode accidentally...

I'm writing this entry so that if there's anyone else out there considering moving to Le Versailles at 680 St. Joseph Boulevard in Hull, Quebec, you will be aware of the BS of living there.

I've lived in apartment buildings all my life and this experience disgusts me. I lived at Le Versailles for 3 years as a single professional. My job required much overtime, travel and working off-site. I paid my rent in full and on time every single month. I worked most of the time so I was quiet and I had no complaints against me.

Problems encountered:

1. Unauthorized entry on more than one occasion (there might be more that I'm unaware of).

- I was at home literally "sick in bed" when I heard noise coming from my hallway. I opened my bedroom door and there was the Superintendent removing my stuff from the bathroom cabinet so he could unclog the sink! He said the Landlord, Colette told him he could enter since I already was aware that the sink was getting clogged. I had absolutely NO notice whatsoever!

- I had received a notice stating that yet again, they had to access my unit to 'test the fire alarm'. I immediately called the Landlord and stated I did not want them entering due to my absence for work obligations. I was told the proper procedure was to write a letter stating that I do not want them entering the unit and that I release Versailles from all obligations. I hand delivered the letter to the Landlord but as a precaution, I locked BOTH deadbolts on my door. When I came home, my door handle was snapped off. I first unlocked the top bolt and it opened! They had entered because the second bolt wasn't locked!

- 2 weeks prior to the last day of renting there, I was continuously harassed by the Landlord to allow them to do an inspection. I had moved the majority of my items out on the 8th but still had some of my property there (Not to mention 409$ left of my rent that I already paid!). I reminded her that I had until the 31st and the apartment hadn't been cleaned yet and that I would contact her when it was ok to do the inspection. On the 28th, my boyfriend tried to access the unit but the second bolt was locked (I never lock it and only I have the key). I called the Landlord and she said that she called me the day before and left a message stating that if I didn't call her back, she would be entering the unit the next day. This does not constitute as 'my permission' to enter!

2. Constant interruptions. I have rented in Ontario since 1990 and never have I seen such constant disruptions by the Landlord wanting to access my unit. Being a developer I have a lot of laptops and PC's along with the additional electronics that frankly aren't cheap. Why would I let strangers in to my apartment without my supervision? To this end, I have had to miss work for which my employer started getting irate.

3. Poor attitude and rudeness. I have experienced and received complaints from my guests in regards to her bitchiness. The best one being her refusal to allow my boyfriend to bring his bike in to my apartment which is something we both always did. In addition, she doesn't take kindly to furniture being moved in or out.

4. Shower. Be careful! The water turns scalding hot in the blink of an eye if a neighbour decides to take a shower or flush the toilet. I had to replace the shower head with a hand-held to stop being burnt.

5. Pigeons! The pigeons were out of control! At first they started to blame me stating that they were there because I had a bistro set on the balcony. When they realized that wasn't going to work they dropped it. Seriously, am I not allowed to sit outside in the summer?

6. Rent increases exponentially! For the first year I paid 750$ At the end of year 1 my rent was $764. At the end of year 2, my rent was 794$! Reason cited was because they had to install fire alarms. When rent goes up 30$ in one shot, they're still going to raise it the next year based on that 'one-time' increment!