Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wii Progress July 20-25

July Monday 20 - Saturday 25

I have to laugh, I actually gained a pound, stayed with that pound all week then dropped the pound this morning. I'm at the exact same spot I was at on Sunday. I increased my Wii time to 30 minutes a day which consisted of 95-100% aerobics. On Wednesday however, I only worked out 10-15 minutes because I was stiff as a board and my joints weren't happy. Last night I didn't work out as I was exhausted.

My diet changed this week. I had my muffin in the morning then ate supper. It's been incredibly stressful this week at work so for the most part, lunches went out the window. I had significant water retention and attributed it to Subway increasing the sodium in their bread and I believe I was right. Seems kind of odd that I didn't have Subway for a week and I went to normal. Then on Wednesday when I did, I puffed up again and my joints got bad. Thursday night I had a burger at A&W then again last night at the BR (yes, intentionally).

I took the stairs a bit less and scaled down to 3 times a day instead of 6. I managed to get in a good 15 minute walk on Wed after work and I haven't touched the stepper this week (intentionally). Of course, I still take that extra walk in the morning to work.

Game plan for this week is to stay at 30 minutes on the Wii daily but to use the stepper and exercise cords for a weekly total of 20 minutes. Ummm.. Oh ya, and not skip lunch!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wii Fit Progress July 5-19

I lost 5 lbs... Yippee!
Time: 3hrs 23 minutes

Well I'm pretty happy! Unfortunately I only set a long-term goal so I still don't know what it will do when I meet my goal but I've adjusted it for 4lbs for the next 2 weeks. On average I worked out 20 minutes, 6 days per week. The first week I did mostly the running and yoga with a bit of balance (which I don't really care for). The second week, I discovered the Advanced Step and Free Step which have become my favourites. I will be trying the boxing tonight and I'll be upping the time to 25-30 minute work-outs. My Fit age is now 30 which is pretty good considering I started at 71! LOL

As for diet, I did change it. Before from M-W it was coffee for breakfast and another for lunch followed by a regular supper (avg 400 cals) and for a snack, a bowl of Special K. Thursday, I have supper out with my family. Friday, supper out with my sister. Sat and/or Sun usually have supper or breakfast out. I now have an apple/cran muffin for breakfast and I make sure to eat lunch. My metabolism has sped up and my stomach empties pretty quickly. On Wednesday, I got some Protein Enriched Boost for those times I want it to shutup.

As for pre-wii-fit condition, I was already drinking a lot of water so the weight loss was not due to water retention. Even though I have a sedentary job I always make sure to go up 3 flights of stairs at work a day. I always go down the stairs (no patience for elevators) and I get off one stop before the stop I have to when going to work and twice a week I like to take a bus route home that requires me to walk an additional 15 minutes.

After the loss? Well I don't notice any difference except I can go up the 5 flights to get to my apartment and not feel like I'm going to die!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wow! What a Week!

It's been so busy! I started working on a new project 'technically' last week but this is the first week I've been able to get into the dev part of it after having to take care of server issues and setup with my partner. It's been challenging balancing the administrative side, technical issues and doing custom portal development. We have a limited team of myself, two other developers, the web master, and one floater. I have the portal under control but Alfresco integration is the one I'm worried about.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Escaping Montreal... Barely

We tried to leave Montreal (Sunday July 12, 2009) however, a nut had other plans and ran a red light as we were heading down Decarie to leave town.


This was my sister's car.


The door's structure was compromised so I had a blanket of glass on me.


This was the a$$hole's Volvo that plowed in to us.


May this ba$tard never drive again.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Montreal...

Got in to Montreal at about 8:30 last night. Not too impressed with this Holiday Inn but it's ok. We're in a one bedroom suite complete with kitchen. Although the directory said breakfast was until 11 on Saturday's it's actually until 10 which explains the bitchiness of staff members in the 'buffet' area.

We have the 'garden view' which actually means we're facing a court yard. Not much of a garden but the room across from us has a manequin and another room has strange flags in his window.

The Jazz Festival's last day is tomorrow and the fireworks are on tonight. Doubt we'll get to either but we're hoping the weather holds out so we can go to old Montreal later on. We'll probably be going to the Oratory tomorrow since the weather is supposed to be decent.

A plus tard!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mini Twist Stepper

3:41PM: I bought the Mini Twist Stepper from Zellers last night. I just put it together. The packaging looks like it was done in a barn (it looks like there's manure on the bags). Most of it was already put together and the step was scuffed so I paid full price for something that was obviously previously used. (Not impressed!) I'll post further comments when I use it.

4:37PM: I tried it for a minute. It's actually not bad. I thought I was going to be nervous on it and that I would have to get 'used to it' (eg. coordination) but it was very easy. The computer isn't tracking the reps etc... right now though but if I get it working I'll start logging it. The bungee cords for the arms really add to the workout so I'm glad I paid a bit extra for them.


My Day (Yesterday)

This is June's Day

PS I hate Alfresco


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Activity Meters

So I've decided that I'm going to log a bit of the activities I usually do or want to do. So here it is...

Numbers on the left are minutes

Final Tally (July 1-15):
Walking: 90 Mins, Swimming: 40 Mins, Yoga: 10 Mins, WII: 148 Mins, Stepper: 25 Mins

Numbers on the left are amount of stairs

Final Tally (July 1-15):
Steps: 980

Note: The amounts listed above are only those that I've went out of my way to do. Eg. For walking I don't count the additional time I spend walking in to work and for the stairs, that number is for walking up only (I always take the stairs to come down) and is only for the stairs inside the building (I don't count the stairs to get to the main doors etc...)