Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wii Fit Progress July 5-19

I lost 5 lbs... Yippee!
Time: 3hrs 23 minutes

Well I'm pretty happy! Unfortunately I only set a long-term goal so I still don't know what it will do when I meet my goal but I've adjusted it for 4lbs for the next 2 weeks. On average I worked out 20 minutes, 6 days per week. The first week I did mostly the running and yoga with a bit of balance (which I don't really care for). The second week, I discovered the Advanced Step and Free Step which have become my favourites. I will be trying the boxing tonight and I'll be upping the time to 25-30 minute work-outs. My Fit age is now 30 which is pretty good considering I started at 71! LOL

As for diet, I did change it. Before from M-W it was coffee for breakfast and another for lunch followed by a regular supper (avg 400 cals) and for a snack, a bowl of Special K. Thursday, I have supper out with my family. Friday, supper out with my sister. Sat and/or Sun usually have supper or breakfast out. I now have an apple/cran muffin for breakfast and I make sure to eat lunch. My metabolism has sped up and my stomach empties pretty quickly. On Wednesday, I got some Protein Enriched Boost for those times I want it to shutup.

As for pre-wii-fit condition, I was already drinking a lot of water so the weight loss was not due to water retention. Even though I have a sedentary job I always make sure to go up 3 flights of stairs at work a day. I always go down the stairs (no patience for elevators) and I get off one stop before the stop I have to when going to work and twice a week I like to take a bus route home that requires me to walk an additional 15 minutes.

After the loss? Well I don't notice any difference except I can go up the 5 flights to get to my apartment and not feel like I'm going to die!

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