Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mini Twist Stepper

3:41PM: I bought the Mini Twist Stepper from Zellers last night. I just put it together. The packaging looks like it was done in a barn (it looks like there's manure on the bags). Most of it was already put together and the step was scuffed so I paid full price for something that was obviously previously used. (Not impressed!) I'll post further comments when I use it.

4:37PM: I tried it for a minute. It's actually not bad. I thought I was going to be nervous on it and that I would have to get 'used to it' (eg. coordination) but it was very easy. The computer isn't tracking the reps etc... right now though but if I get it working I'll start logging it. The bungee cords for the arms really add to the workout so I'm glad I paid a bit extra for them.


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