Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Activity Meters

So I've decided that I'm going to log a bit of the activities I usually do or want to do. So here it is...

Numbers on the left are minutes

Final Tally (July 1-15):
Walking: 90 Mins, Swimming: 40 Mins, Yoga: 10 Mins, WII: 148 Mins, Stepper: 25 Mins

Numbers on the left are amount of stairs

Final Tally (July 1-15):
Steps: 980

Note: The amounts listed above are only those that I've went out of my way to do. Eg. For walking I don't count the additional time I spend walking in to work and for the stairs, that number is for walking up only (I always take the stairs to come down) and is only for the stairs inside the building (I don't count the stairs to get to the main doors etc...)


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