Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wii Progress July 20-25

July Monday 20 - Saturday 25

I have to laugh, I actually gained a pound, stayed with that pound all week then dropped the pound this morning. I'm at the exact same spot I was at on Sunday. I increased my Wii time to 30 minutes a day which consisted of 95-100% aerobics. On Wednesday however, I only worked out 10-15 minutes because I was stiff as a board and my joints weren't happy. Last night I didn't work out as I was exhausted.

My diet changed this week. I had my muffin in the morning then ate supper. It's been incredibly stressful this week at work so for the most part, lunches went out the window. I had significant water retention and attributed it to Subway increasing the sodium in their bread and I believe I was right. Seems kind of odd that I didn't have Subway for a week and I went to normal. Then on Wednesday when I did, I puffed up again and my joints got bad. Thursday night I had a burger at A&W then again last night at the BR (yes, intentionally).

I took the stairs a bit less and scaled down to 3 times a day instead of 6. I managed to get in a good 15 minute walk on Wed after work and I haven't touched the stepper this week (intentionally). Of course, I still take that extra walk in the morning to work.

Game plan for this week is to stay at 30 minutes on the Wii daily but to use the stepper and exercise cords for a weekly total of 20 minutes. Ummm.. Oh ya, and not skip lunch!


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