Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teddy's Missing

TeddyTeddy, my sister's cat, went missing on Friday, May 29. Since then we've went in search of around the neighbourhood, posted Missing posters, and scoured the net. There's been many cases of cats leaving for a couple of weeks and coming back however, in light of losing Markie last August, it's unnerving.

As seen on

Wanted: Lost: cat in Hull sector (Manoir des trembles area) - Reward $100

Address: Gatineau, QC, J9A 2J8
Date Listed: 01-Jun-09
Lost - 8 month old solid grey and white domestic short haired cat. He's not yet neutered, is generally afraid of strangers and cars, but might get along well with other cats or dogs since he was raised with both. Responds to the name Teddy. Most of the pads on his toes are pink but there is a little bit of grey on some of them and he has a small patch of white hairs in between his shoulder blades. He has a sleek build and isn't very big. Lost in the Hull sector of Gatineau May 29th on des Jonquilles near St. Raymond (Manoir des Trembles area). If you find him or if you've even seen him, please contact me as soon as possible so I can try to find him where he was last seen. It will also relieve my stress some to know that he's alive and well. Hoping for the best...$100 reward for his return.

Keeping toes, fingers, and paws crossed...

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