Saturday, May 26, 2012

E-Cigs - The Good and Bad

It is now May 26, 2012. I quit smoking May 8th and I thought I would share my thoughts thus far...
The Good:
- I'm lucky that my health wasn't seriously compromised by smoking but the one thing I didn't want to do was tempt fate.  I'm delighted to be tobacco free!
- Number one reason I hate tobacco: the stink!  I ran out of e-cigs while I was at work and had a few drags of an analog cig. How gross! I even held my bf's cig for a minute while he tied his shoe. GROSS! I'm glad to smell like roses. (haha)
- Being at work and running outside for a smoke is such a pain! Especially when you're stuck in meetings! Then when you do go out, you're lucky if the weather's reasonable and of course, most sheltered areas are no smoking zones so there's a good chance you'll be without shelter.  Oh ya, don't forget travelling for extended periods...
- I've quit cold turkey and I've tried NRT's (Nocotine Replacement Therapy) and I've always had withdrawals like  being anxious/hyper, inability to sleep, munching etc... I've had NONE!
- I think people are fed up of paying taxes through the nose and cigs are atrociously taxed! Last time I bought a pack, I paid 10.30$ (up .30 cents from December!) in 2009, the Canadian government made 20.4 BILLION dollars off the taxes of cigarettes alone (just cigs, not pipe/cigar/tobacco).  The last order of 70 packs of e-cigs with taxes and shipping was $170. Traditional smokes would have been $721.00. 
Now the bad:
E-cigs have not been approved for sale by Health Canada therefore, if you run out you can't run to the corner store to get them. 

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