Saturday, May 26, 2012

E-Cig - Magnum Rev II

We ordered the real e-cig (as opposed to disposables). After getting a couple of quirks straightened out, we are pretty happy and tobacco free! Between us, we bought 70 'packs' (1 cartridge = 1 pack of 20 traditional cigarettes) and with taxes and shipping, it totaled 170$. If we bought 70 packs of traditional cigarettes at 10$ a pop (it's actually more than that for my Vogues) that would be 700$!
I got mint (my usuals)  coffee, chocolate,  and vanilla. The chocolate was last year's stock and the cartridge is dried up (I got them in the 'Last Call' section because they were cheaper. Don't buy carts from that section, stay with current stock!)
I like the choco and vanilla. I then tried my boyfriend's cherry (don't care for it) and his Belgo tobacco.  I liked the Belgo especially compared to the Premiums he enjoys. I'm not one for regular tobacco but he found the Premiums were comparable to the Next Gold and Accord Red. 

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